Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Snow

The forcast says we are going to get another 3-5 inches of snow today. It's kind of early to be getting this much snow for this area ! However, it does indicate that those acrobatic , fat squirrels this fall did indeed know that we were in for a rough winter !

Stair climbing went well, and we are going to alternate days with this. One day stair climbing and abdominal work, the next day walking and weights, weather permitting. Days when the thermometer dips down to below zero, it will be strictly indoor work. That cold of air is harmful to the lungs ! To deal with our shifting temperatures, I ignore coats in favor of the above creation my son is modeling- the polar fleece poncho ! I made them a few years back, and they allow us to put on extra layers for colder days and less for warmer ones. The polar fleece is pretty water repellent, and they are non confining for movement. The only thing they do not work well with is sledding - snow gets packed up under the poncho.

Off to walk and start school !


Skye's the Limit said...

Awe, what a cute picture of Nick! :o) I can't believe you made that poncho! You go girl! I wish I could sew. My sister bought Alaina a sewing machine a couple of Christmas' ago. She dibbles and dabbles, but hasn't ventured into actually making clothes yet. She's into pillows right now.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

It starts with small stuff, you get your confidence up and figure out your own way to do different things and move up from there. I have made clothes, crafts, wedding gowns, outerwear( coats) and a couple of things designed for medical reasons ( a girdle to hold in a ribcage after a coronary bypass) and more. As a kid I HATED doing anything remotely crafty or domestic , but watched my grandmother create different things and kind of caught a lot of lessons. Then one day as an adult I decided that I really wanted to make things with my own hands and just plowed into it. A year later I was doing craft fairs with things i had made and tried to start a small business sewing heirloom quality children s clothes and making all kinds of things. It's very satisfying to me now, but not something I enjoyed when I was younger ! Your daughter may be kind of catching the ideas for herself now and when the time is right, she will really apply those skills in amazing ways.