Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ouch !

It seems that if I had any doubt about working the proper muscles with the bicycle crunches, nature found a way to reassure me. Muscles that are not being worked do not hurt the day after, and mine have been feeling a whole lot of pain ! Not just the lower abs, but the upper ones, my butt and my thighs.So much for the idea that 20 of these is not enough at this point.

Foodwise it was a good day - Cereal and cottage cheese for breakfast, bocca burer with no bun, cottage cheese, fruit and lots of veggies for lunch, and dinner was Salsa Chicken, bulgar pilaf, corn and salad. It's funny, but with me moving to Core, son also winds up eating a lot healtier strach sort of options. I cringe when I rember how he was before this started. He would eat no veggies, meat only on rare occasions, but tons of plain, white pasta with nothing on it. Now he eats almost all veggies and whole grains at just about every choice. Not only does he eat them, but he loves the different options. Last night he was about over the moon with bulgar, and if given his choice he would eat steel cut oats every morning.

Had a great fun time de-junking the kitchen yesterday and washing it down. Ancient spices went , surplus containers that were not being used got eliminated, as well as so many other bits and bobs and junk. Add some elbow grease and homemade cleaner ( Water, vinegar, dish soap and essential oils for fragrance and disinfecting), and the room feel and looks a lot better. Today I will move onto the bathroom to declutter the linen closet , medicine chest and scrub the grout around the fixtures, and get my partner in grime ( son) to deep clean his room together. poor hubby has a day of inventory. Long hours but the good thing is most of the day he will be walking and moving instead of sitting at a desk.

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