Thursday, December 4, 2008

It makes me laugh !

I think we are all having a really good week around here. Hubby looks thinner, son looks thinner, and I feel thinner. I have also discovered something else that makes me laugh every time it catches my eye. Years ago I had major exploratory abdominal surgery , and then a C section with my son and the same vertical incision. I have been blessed with good healing powers, and the scar tissue itself has been very thin ( let's not talk about the flabby muscles under the skin though). I am noticing a lot of wrinkling with my skin as I lose, and it is kind of to be expected considering I am 50 and have been overweight all my life. Suddenly my stomach is starting to wrinkle, which makes me laugh, but not as much as what is happening to the scar ! It is becoming a silly little silvery raised pup tent looking sort of thing. For some women, this might be a traumatic event, but to me is just cracks me up ! At least it is matching the wrinkling skin under my chin and on my arms ! I think in time it will start to tone up, and if not , they make a lot of really cute clothes out of licra spandex in small sizes !


Skye's the Limit said...

Di, I am only 33 but I so know what you mean! lol Just last night I was thinking about how my stomach would look once I lost about 100 pounds. My thoughts were that it was going to be wrinkly. And I was also wondering what my c-section scar will look like!

I know that I am destined to have loose skin. I'm been overweight for the last 26 years. No amount of exercise in the world could prevent this. But you know what? I'm ready for it! LOL

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I am holding realistic expectations for mine. It will be wrinkled and Lycra spandex will be my permanent co-pilot.Skin does shrink and the level of collagen you have will have a lot to do with it. As we age it gets less, and then when you add things like too many pounds, the flesh may be willing but the physics are just too much !