Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yes, I am still alive

Contrary to popular opinion, I have not fallen off the face of the earth ! Still here, still staying on program, still exercising when I can and just keeping up with the circus that has become life .

On the weight loss front, we all experienced a gain last week for reasons I am not sure of.
Me- UP 1.6
Nick UP 2.4
Bob UP 0.4

It was a disastrous week for exercise, but a week of a whole lot of activity, battling the foe known as ringworm. It seems that he spread the word to his fellow parasitic insect friends and this past weekend we discovered that we are also dealing with lice. Lovely ! I am having such a close relationship with my vacuum and washer that I am suspecting that I am having an affair with them. Yeah...that's the spirit ! An affair sounds so much more exotic than slave to the electronic devices that may once again make my life happy and peaceful. It seems that these came back with us from Gatlinburg via a hat that my husband bought. ( I am beginning to feel like I am the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce's worst nightmare !). It's not the fault of the city, but simply a fact of modern life that when you go to an area with a lot of people coming and going, things can happen. Lice are attracted to anything that is warm blooded, and they really do not care about anything beyond that fact. Heavily visited areas are like the endless buffet to them.

So between school and endless over the top housework, I have spent my free time sneaking in what exercise I can with my little pedal device and walking, doing reiki work, checking in on facebook and sort of living off fish sandwiches. Most lunches have been a tossed salad with tuna or moc crab, dinner is a salmon burger or grilled tuna steak on a Healthy life bun with veggies on the side, overnight oats for breakfast, a half cup of homemade ice cream for afternoon snack ( I have an ice cream maker and I have been playing with some recipes) and plain yogert with frozen blueberries and granola in the evening. Kind of boring, but it works under the time constraints of the now.

Do you have any Labor Day plans ? We are going to get together with my family and I will hopefully get to see one of my long term best friends. We were very close in high school and drifted apart when I went to college. We reconnected on facebook, and it will be a lot of fun to see him face to face. Planning on getting a lot of pictures and doing my best to stay on program under some real wild card circumstances. Hope you all have a good one, what ever your plans !


Baby Stepping said...

Glad to see you're still alive and kickin'. Sorry about all the parasitic fun you've been having. :(
We usually do a cookout with the kids and grandkids. Best times of my life!!


Keller said...

Di, I honestly think from your meal photos and descriptions that you are taking in too many calories. Have you seen a nutritionist?