Thursday, September 30, 2010


Something must be working correctly, because yesterday for the first time in a long while, I had an attack of the absolute, completely genuine hungries ! It was not for lack of eating  and not because of some perception of want, but actual, genuine hunger. The kind that is so intense that it makes you nauseous and consider for food value in linoleum tile. For my body, this is usually a sign that I am starting to lose weight, and if I can ride it out till the next planned meal or snack, all will be well. I grabbed a cup of green tea to see if the heat and liquid would deaden the growl, and then considered doing something with my hands to prevent me from just grabbing something ( which would lead to a lot of somethings) and de-railing my day. My head raced through the catalog of possible things and decided to give making this a go

An origami crane . So beautiful. So delicate ! In the oriental world cranes are sometimes used to indicate the souls of the dead, and  since I learned of that belief I have wanted to make 1,000 cranes to decorate my home with for Halloween . Only problem is, I cannot seem to get the hang of origami ! Try and try as I might, I seem to have dyslexic paper folding skills. I have tried watching a real human, reading directions in books, watching Youtube how to sorts of videos, and no success. I gave it the ole college try again and again, kept winding up with something that looks like a misshapen box crushed by a freight train, AND got a paper cut in the process. An origami injury- what talent !!!

Eventually I gave up. It was time to make dinner, and happily my hunger was under control. One day I will master the art and have my 1,000 cranes made. And one day soon I will fit into a size 6

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Leslie said...

I love this post! I know exactly what you mean about real "empty stomach hunger", as I call it. An entirely different experience from wanting to eat. Great that you recognized it, and I got a good chuckle out of you considering the nutritive value of floor tile in response!

I love origami! I did it a lot as a kid, and even tried to use a simple project for a 4th grade party when I was a homeroom mom. Kids loved the look, but couldn't do it, so it was a bomb. Watch those injuries, or consider getting an "origami rider" on your health insurance policy.