Monday, September 27, 2010

Junk food ???

Another good day yesterday- used 28 of 28 points, got our for a walk and made all kinds of good choices.

The guys went to go sing at choir in the morning, and I was given some quiet time to do planning, pondering and so forth. I kind of needed the time because with the shift back to the WW 123 points I am now feeding 3 different people at 3 different point levels, and it takes a little effort to get back into that mindset. Truth of the matter is, in order to lose weight you MUST eat enough calories to get your metabolic rate up consistently. One of the big contradictions of the Weight Watchers plan often is that you wind up eating more than you did before you attempted weight loss, but it is something that has worked for countless people.This caloric requirement is calculated according to your weight, height, age, sex, activity level , and is not a simple "shot in the dark". Thus brings in the amazing needs of a teenage boy ! I am at 28 points- a pretty comfortable level if you make good choices. Bob is at 35- comfortable and requires some snacks or extra servings.Nick is at an amazing 49 points level . This is almost DOUBLE my intake needs, and it takes a bit of thinking to figure out how to get that amount of healthy food into him. My survival strategy is to break everyone's number down into points per meal and allow for some snacks. Meals are going to be based on the lowest needs( mine) and the difference made up through snacks or extras on the plate. My number is 8, which allows me 4 snacking points during the day. Nick's breaks down to 13 per meal and 10 snacking points per day  ! Clearly, more food was going to be needed. So we went off to the store in search of more fruit , cheese and bread, and it dawned on me that even with this, it was going to be hard to make up the difference, so I did something I have not done in ages- I bought cookies ! Oreo cookies to be specific. He has been drooling over these( one of his previous favorite cookies) and one of these cookies is 1 point.He is going to get to have 3 Oreo's and milk with his lunch, and suddenly I became a hero in his eyes .

This has gotten me thinking about junk food in a whole new way. If you are meeting your nutritional needs ( protein, calcium, vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals) and you still need to get more calories, you can either deep fry your foods or consume a little junk food.It is quick energy and caloric-ally dense. It can help to keep your metabolism up to snuff. It is only bad when it becomes your sole source of nutrition.

We also swung by Trader Joes, and for the first time ever I was able to buy some of their frozen fish and vegetables. We tried some eggplant and zucchini mix last night , and it was very good. Tonight I am going to try some of their cod. I am looking forward to it- several people have talked about how much they like their products, and for lack of a cooler and distance, I could only read about your finds. Now that I remembered to bring mine, bring it on !!

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