Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seems there are new laws of the universe

Another week down, and we come to the official season of fall. Bring on the colors, the crisp cool nights , the smells of fireplaces used for the first time this season and the sounds of geese flying overhead !

I admire the geese. They hang together in a formation, and instinctively know exactly which way to go  to get to their desired environment. Something deep within them tells them what they need to know and what to do. We humans require maps and the services of others to get where we want to go . I think geese may be my new weight loss hero ! Anything that  knows what to do and how to do it is my weight loss hero these days .

Our week was more settled, eating was back to predictable, and I switched myself and Nick to a meal plan of more focus on protein than on carbs . I also kept my intake to 1500 calories or less for 6 days out of 7. Sunday was a celebration of one of the 8 holidays I observe, and there was cheese, grapes and wine involved. A LOT of cheese, but there were 6 days of 1500 calorie eating and healthy habits to offset it. Sleepwise , it was a very bad week for me with a lot of tensions and anxiety. My youngest sister has been having female troubles- in the form of a heavy period for 25 days with a lot of tissue passing. She went to the ER and they found a mass on her uterus. Further tests revealed that is is a fibroid tumor, she was given hormones, but it did not stop the bleeding. She is currently going through a medical roller coaster because of her insurance, where they will not do anything surgically to remove the tumor until she undergoes genetic counciling to see what is the best treatment course . This is insane on several levels- first , she has had a tubal 15 years ago and here are no children in her future. Second, while family history may point clues, her bloodwork and biopsy's will show if she herself has cancer ( a possibility with fibroids and a strong possibility with our family history), and the rest is just basic CYA on the insurer's part. Third, she cannot be seen by the counselor till November, and she is STILL bleeding.She is looking for another doctor, fighting with her insurance, stressing , and I have been trying to help her with my own practices. At least she is now feeling well enough to do something to just enjoy life for an evening now at least- they went to a concert for the evening and got a much needed mental health break.

So, this morning we stepped on the scale

Me- UP 1.4
Nick - UP 1.2
Bob- DOWN 0.8

Can I scream ???According to the science of weight loss, Nick and I should be losing, but gained. Then again, according to the old rules of intelligence, my sister should have gone in for medical treatment and had the bleeding stopped, so obviously common sense is no longer applicable on a couple of fronts. Good news for Bob though- not only did he lose, but he had a health care screening exam and the preliminary tests show that he has dropped his blood pressure again. The results of his bloodwork will be in three weeks from now.

Weight wise, I think i am going back to what we started with at the beginning of this journey- Weight Watchers 123 points.You are assigned a certain level of points per day according to your weight, gender, height , age and activity level. You need to get in 2 healthy fats, 2 dairy, 3 fruits whole grains, lean meats  and 8 glasses of water. Points are calculated according to calories fat and fiber. I stopped doing the program in favor of focusing on other health goals like clean eating, less chemicals and more natural ingredients, and it seems ever since I have been struggling. So starting today, I will meet my health goals, drink my water( not a change at all) and consume my 28 points per day. Bob gets 35 and Nick gets a whopping 49 per day !

Fingers crossed, shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grindstone...onward and upward !!


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Good luck w/ WW 123, Diane. I have and always will be a WW fan, so I think it will be a good experience for you all!

Sorry about your sister :( Hope she gets some answers soon.

Baby Stepping said...

Diane, I don't know how old your sister is, but I had the same issues - to the point of being anemic. I, too, had fibroids, but chose to wait to do anything since I was so close to menopause. (Fibroids tend to shrink after menopause). The dr. put me on BC pills for a while because I was losing so much blood. I hope things get better for her soon.

Wishing you well with WW 123. I loved that program.

spunkysuzi said...

No matter how i'm eating low carb/clean/high protein whatever, i always end up going back to counting points! Or i'll combine them :)
For some reason they just work for me!
Hope your sister gets some relief soon!

Dutch said...

I just rejoined WW today. I missed about 6 weeks & didn't want to pay that so I just rejoined. I needed to so bad. I gained way to much in those 6 weeks and then with all the holidays coming up I knew I had to do something. Good luck with your WW 123.