Sunday, September 12, 2010

Illogical, but all mine.

It's been a busy week here . I think I am going to be doing a post per week  for a while, because there are just not enough hours in the day anymore !

Last Sunday while over at my Mom's we played Karaoke, and it seems that my mom responds to music. Through chatting with my sister, there came the idea to get her to hear as much music from when she was a teen as possible, and because she and Tim have been dealing with her physical needs, I was sort of put to task to find as many Youtube videos of these songs as possible, and post them to my facebook so they could play them for her to hear. Result was she started smiling, dancing with the two of them, and eating and drinking  voluntarily. These last two have been a real challenge with mom, and she would go for 4 or 5 days with just a sip of water or two bites. ( She is also dealing with depression it seems) . Music has the power to heal, and the right kind of music can serve as a life raft at times. I pulled from my memory, I searched billboard lists, and for a while I felt like I was living in the 50's, but mom was responding and that was all that mattered ! What drugs have not been able to accomplish, Elvis and Connie Francis could.

As a result, I think I did more sitting on my butt than anything else this week ( researching is not an aerobic activity), salads went out the door, water went out the door, sleep went out the door and there were two meals of carry out pizza because life just got busy. So with this , how did weigh in go ????

Me- DOWN 1.0
Nick - UP 1.4
Bob- UP 0.4

Yep- my body makes absolutely no sense. Eat healthy, limit portions, exercise and gain weight. Toss it out the window , be a slug , eat junk and lose weight. Seriously though, once again it points to the fact that my hormones are more in control of my weight than anything else. The guys, being normal male type people, not dealing with PCOS, have bodies that operate in the way normal bodies do, and such a week brings a gain. Mine is at the complete mercy of an endocrine system that makes no sense. Ah well....

Will be interesting to see what this week brings. I am going up to see mom today, with the intention of getting her to cha cha with us. My mom was a dancing fool when she was young, and perhaps this will spark something more.


spunkysuzi said...

Have fun dancing :)

blessedmama said...

I missed out on what's been going on with your mom. I'm sorry to hear things don't seem to be going well with her. You are in my thoughts with that.

As far as the food, I'm with you. I work out every day and can gain. I take a week off b/c of something, and I can lose. Who knows?