Friday, September 3, 2010


Seems that nothing can kill a party faster than a guest who shows up with the sole purpose of finding people to feed their ego and offer nothing in return. It happens even faster when the feeding involves getting people to pick sides on issues that are none of their concern. It is maddening, and makes me want to scream Grow Up !!!!

Ego is a tricky thing. It is necessary to help humans motivate themselves to fulfill their needs for food, clothing, shelter and mates. It becomes a problem when it gets damaged or over-inflated. The over-inflated ego brings about things like war, and the under-inflated or damaged ego brings about things like addiction , and all of the carnage that results.

Such is the climate that will envelope a gathering this weekend. Going to be challenging to say the least.

Not sure what the point is of this entry, but I happened to have a few moments with a pressing thought, and thus a blog entry has been created . It helps me to steer clear of the conflict !


Baby Stepping said...

Diane, I hope that the gathering goes better than expected. I recently anticipated a similar even and it went surprisingly well. Here's hoping!


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Also hoping that all goes fine at the gathering this weekend! Steer clear of egomaniacs!!!

Leslie said...

I hope the gathering is/was as ego free as possible! You know that one of the things you hear in AA often is about the need for ego deflation. I'd like to know that there are plenty of non-alcoholics who could use it too!

Keller said...

Your life is like a train wreck! I can't wait to hear how the weekend went!