Sunday, September 19, 2010

A week long hangover ???

Another rough week here ! Filled with too many woops, variables and just plain brain dead moments !

It began with last weekend's visit up to Mom's to get her engaged in some dancing , to try to bring her a little more present and functional. It seemed to work- she had a great time and was actually smiling , laughing and trying to hold a conversation with people.
Mom dancing with my friend Tim

And in the meantime, several other family members were up, with new babies and there were lots of snuggles

Me and my grand nephew Jordan 
My niece Amber with her hubby Adam and babies Jordan, Abbie and Nick Jr
Lots of fun, singing and just plain silliness followed ! 

The week that followed was oddly disconnected feeling. More strange wildcards that drained us of time and energy ( family matters, funerals )  and somehow fast food entered into the picture three times . Breakfast consisted of oatmeal, lunch was a sandwich with veggies and dinner was also a sandwich with some kind of veggie side. Exercise , other than Qigong workouts to help me try to sleep was non- existent. The results were interesting at this weeks weigh in

Me- UP 2.8 ( yeah...stimulating)
Nick- DOWN 2.6 ( The male body's performance in weight loss baffles me)
Bob- DOWN 0.2

This week ,in my case, I know what went wrong. Not enough sleep, 3 fast food meals and relying too heavy on carbs.  While oatmeal is a healthy food, in my body if i eat it for breakfast and have bread at lunch and dinner, I will gain. I also made roast root veggies 2 times this week, and while things like butternut squash and beets are healthy, they are also too starchy for my body chemistry. Yes, exercise will help , but to be honest I cannot guarantee it will happen. I am up at 4 am trying to get done what needs to be done and I turn in at 11 pm...if I am lucky. Right now my solution has to be diet, and eating low starch seems to be the way to go. Omlettes for breakfast, salad with tuna for lunch and fish, veggies and a whole grain for dinner. Life is crazy, so I spent yesterday shopping and creating meal kits for quick and easy access. I am also going to try a little trick to get my mind to shut off at night- write a quick list of all the things I am mentally juggling , placing it on the dining room table with a rock or something heavy on it so I will know it will stay put till morning and I can safely sleep !

It's not perfect , but it's not giving up !


spunkysuzi said...

What a beautiful family!! I was wondering where you were this week.

Baby Stepping said...

You are so right. "
It's not perfect , but it's not giving up !" That pretty much nails it. Here's to a better week for both of us!!


only a number said...

That's right, no giving up!

You have a lovely family.

Anonymous said...

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