Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I was thinking this morning about food, health, the impact nutrition and additives have on our bodies. It started off with some reading I was doing about biomedical intervention to reverse Autism ( through gluten free/casein free diet, supplements and more) , and it led to thoughts about the obesity problem in our country today. Yes, mathematically in order to lose weight y9ou have to expend more calories than you ingest. But what if one of the unseen factors is the way our bodies process the new toxins that are so prevalent in our food systems ? Chemical additives, artificial sweeteners and more that are used to insure that we have an ample supply of o so yummy cheese doodles and an assortment of products designed to allow us to indulge in our bad eating habits with less guilt -aka the 100 calorie snack pack and such ? Did you know that one of the genetically modified crop strains is designed as a suicide strain - created to produce no seed offspring ? Many others are designed not to germinate untill they are sprayed with round up . Is this kind of food really and truely safe to ingest without serious affects on the way our bodies process food ? Are you really willing to take the risk and find out with your own health ?
That being said, I determined as I ate breakfast to cut out all non organic foods from our diets as quickly as possible. Only one of the items in my breakfast bowl is not organic, and that would be the Crasins. Time to find a new alternative once we run through our stash.

Son and I spent 45 minutes with Wii boxing after breakfast. I was feeling like punching a lot of somethings, and the Wii is a good way to safely get out agression. Son really likes to "fight" with mommy, so it made for a plesant morning for us both.
Morning snack consisted of chocolate Almond Dreams milk and grapes. Son prefers the Almond Milk, I prefer the Rice Dreams, but the Almond is lower in calories and a bit cleaner. Interestingly enough the Rice Dreams has more calcium than either the almond or cows milk.

Today was my planning day , and I decided we are going to try a second week dairy free. After looking at this weeks sales, inventorying the cabinets, creating a menu and a shopping list it was lunchtime.
Homemade lentil soup, carrot sticks, a turkey burger on an Arnolds Thin and leftover vanilla popcorn made from a local small buisness from Monday's snack stash. While Arnolds are not organic, they are free of trans-fatty acids and high fructose corn syrup, so i think I will make an exception with these unil i can find a comperable alternative. Buying organic meat is going to take some thinking. I do not know if our budget is going to stand for this one.

More puttering around the house and catching up some reading, and in the afternoon son reminded me it was snack break
So we had fresh strawberries and cocoa dusted almonds. The strawberries are organic , but not the nuts. I think this one will be easy to find alternatives to .

Dinner was an experiment that worked really well. We had some top round steak in the freezer that needed to be used. Steak happens to be the one food I cannot cook well, and when we had this last week it was officially chewy steak. This time I decided to turn it into kinda sorta an italian stir fry-ish thing. I sliced the steak thin, sauted it in a pan with olive oil, onions and garlic, then added a can of diced tomatoes, some italian seasoning and a shot of salt. Cover and let simmer for an hour, then serve on pasta with shavings of parmesagn. I uesd tricolored corn pasta amd served it with a side salad made from herb green mix, baby persian cucumbers, green onions and black olives. It must have been good, as the guys inhaled it.
No big plans for tonight except do some deep thinking while hubby is at a choir rehersal. Perhaps I will play some more Wii with my son. Tomorrow is the first day of Hollies Walking Challenge and I am signed up and ready to roll !


JC said...

Are you able to grow any of your food? I try to eat organic as much as possible but it is really hard to find much of a selection in my area. I feel much better when I eat fresh fruits & veggies. I have found some no hormone/ no perservative added chicken which is very good and price wise not much more. However, I only feed myself no men folk in my picture. Good luck with eating as organic as possible. I follow a blogger who eats RAW totally who is in the UK. Whenever I read her blog I think that would have to be a lot of work.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Sadly, we are apartment dwellers with no opportunity for garden space, so I have to rely on the supermarket offerings

Anonymous said...