Monday, June 29, 2009

Blustery Dinner

Yesterday was a day that it seems all I could do was cook ! Hubby had to sing at 4 services, and so after a yoga session I got busy. It is always nice when things work out that way. When everybody is happy busy,it makes for a good day. While I was working I spotted six lemons in our fruit basket that looked like they needed immediate attention, and i turned them into sugar free lemon italian ice with the help of my ice cream maker. it was a good opportunity to use up some of the stash of splenda I am trying to get rid of. ( I don't know how stevia preforms for cooking). It turned out very lemony and refreshing, but it kind of made me slightly sick to my stomach. I have been avoiding splenda for almost a month now, and I am noticing the subtle ways it impacts my body. I read somewhere that one of it's worst affects on the body is that it binds with certain protiens and bacteria, and it upsets the internal flora of your digestive tract. End result can be cronic constipation from a lack of the beneficial bacteria, which can lead to weight stalls, weight gain and numerous long term health problems.

We decided to take a dinner picnic to the woods in an effort to "salvage" the day and get in some quality family time. I made some ham and veggie roll ups on La Tortilla totillas, snagged some bing cherries for each and broccoli salad, and we headed out to eat in the sunshine and HIGH winds . I think you should be able to claim activity points for sitting, eating and trying to keep everything from blowing away on your plate in comical ways.At least it keeps the moquitos away, and there are enough of them of late to show a difference on the scale from blood loss as a victim of their feeding frenzy. Son was sort of luke warm about the idea till I told him it was perfectly acceptable to spit cherry pits ( it would not be an official childhood without such an action). And it got even better when I introduced him , or reaquainted him with two wild berries, now perfectly ripe. He got pretty into toe idea of walking along and sneaking in ripe black mulberries and black bramble berries ! It was decided that the mulberries are sweeter, and I belive it will be a bit easier to motivate him to take walks in the woods now. He knows there is food out there ! I know there is food, medicine, refreshment, entertainment and endless surprizes at every turn. I trust he will come to know this as well.


Rosie said...

That lemon ice sounds good... I didn't know Splenda did all that, another thing for me to research... I might be cutting my use of it down some once I finish detoxing. Maybe I'll go to the healthy food store and look for an alternative.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

It was something that came across in one of the newsletters I get from - he has a lot of really informative information that gets missed by a lot of the mainstream press

Rosie said...

I know for sure Splenda can't be good for you... I just haven't looking into what the side effects of using it is.