Monday, June 8, 2009


Spent a good chunk of the day moving things in the kitchen in preparation for getting out oven either repaired or replaced. No walking, but a lot of activity points !

Our oven has been dead for several months now, and it has not been a big issues. Plus, in order to make room for someone to come in and look at it , involved moving a microwave cart that is filled with a ton of needful stuff. During the school year, sadly, if it is not exploding or on fire, I learn to work around it. There just is not enough hours in the day.

But now it is summer, and now I am more convinced that we have to make serious dietary changes, there are going to be things that I will need to learn to make or go broke buying ready made all the time. Either that or let my son stay trapped in his world. So today I will get to wait for the staff repair guy to come , and then explain to this man who speaks limited English (and I do not speak Spanish) that my oven lights, and the gas kicks in , but it does not get any hotter than 220 degrees. Happily, hubby is staying home to translate. He is a manager for a lot of Spanish speaking people and I hope he can translate this ! Anyone know how to say "it needs a new thermocouple" in Spanish ????

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