Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dances with Skunks

Cool and damp here this morning. While this should be a good thing for people who try to do daily exercise, I am finding that the damp is REALLY affecting my joints of late. Not just my knees, but my hips and my spine as well. When I say pain, I mean a sudden feeling like your skeletal system is about to crumble into dust and you are going to fall into a big quivering mass of goo, with bruises on top like sprinkles. The Catch 22 part of this is, if I do not move the pain gets worse. If I do move , my son starts complaining asking if I am done yet. So then I have to block out both the pain and the whining.I have yet to give into the lure of using some kind of herb or drug to manage the pain. Why ? Basically because I am stubborn I guess. This mornings walk was just not pretty, but it got done.

We caught the premier episode of "Dance Your Ass off" last night. While the concept is a good one, the show , to me, seems to lack an endearing hook . I cannot relate to a single one of the contestants, I don't like the music and I think the costume designer is about as creative as a clump of dirt ( Hey, let's go grab the wardrobe for the In Living Color dancers and make them in plus sizes !). I am sorry, but spandex, strategically ripped fish nets and wadded up bandannas are NOT a fashion statement. They are simply a human expression of a Decorator Crab, and best lest for the bottom of the ocean. Why is there the perception that fashion must reflect the clueless, poor and oppressed ? Gads, stop me, for I am on the verge of entering a clothing rant !

Our complex has become sort of a hag out for teenage skunks who like to try their hands at releasing their aroma late at night. The last 2 nights I have been awakened by the acrid scent of skunk cologne wafting in from our windows. I love nature, but skunks make me pause on that thought.

Short week this week- hard to believe that it is time to start planning ext weeks menu already !


JC said...

Rant on girlfriend. I hope your feeling better soon. Sorry about the skunks. I haven't encounter one of those in ages. Thank God.

Rosie said...

I read the same thing on someone else's blog about "Dance Your Ass Off", I've never heard of the show... is it a competition for plus size? Or like Soul Train for plus size?

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

It is a weight loss dance competition in which overweight people compete in dance and weight loss. It just started on the Oxygen network and is shown on Monday nights at 9 pm. The host was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars either last year or the year before. She is an overweight Broadway actress herself, and the three judges are people I have never heard of before.

Rosie said...

Oh sounds like a confusing show or possibly just something to exploit plus size people.

Anonymous said...

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