Friday, December 4, 2009

Birthdays and surprises

Today is the hubby's 54th birthday, and all birthdays deserve a cake . Problem is, if you are doing low carb, birthday cake can seem like an impossibility unless you opt for a cheesecake. Enter Almond flour !! To date, it seems to be the closest in performance to wheat flour for things like muffins and cakes. I searched around and found this site that had a large collection of low carb recipes, and I decided to try this pound cake and mocha frosting to make a traditional looking birthday cake. I think baking this in a regular cake pan and applying the frosting with an icing bag can make it look every bit as good as a normal birthday cake. Granted, pound cake is not normally served with icing, but one of hubby's favorite cakes is a yellow cake with chocolate icing, so this combo wins. We are also going to have his favorite dinner in the world- meatloaf. It always makes me laugh when considering his favorite foods. He is not a steak or roast kind of guy and he does not like mashed potatoes. Give the man a meal loaf and fresh baked bread and he is a happy camper !

It is snowing here today and the plan is for a Wii fit workout . That and homeschool and STILL waiting for the staff to come in and do the bathroom remodel. I am wondering if I should make one of those paper chains to tick off the days as I wait for the blessed event ? I guess this week or next in construction speak translates into this year or sometime in the next millennium.

Had a bit of a scare yesterday . Hubby found out that there is a possibility that his singing job may end this coming June, which would kill 40 percent of our income. Very scary thought, especially considering we are planing on a move this spring. At first I kind of panicked, but I realized as the day went on that this is not very likely to happen. One big advantage to being a Church Musician is that there will always be a need for music in worship, there will always be funerals and there will most likely still be weddings. A change in management ( pastors in this case) does not mean a radical change in worship service. My husband has a very good voice, a very professional presence and a real sensitivity for the liturgy. Wherever he sings he is asked to become a regular and those who do not necessarily value music as part of the service seem to change their views when he serves. If truth be told, he should have gone full time into music ministry when he was younger, but the world being what it is and perceptions of financial security being what they are he chose business as his field. He is very good at what he does in that world, but better still in the music field.

Tomorrow is weigh in, and it will be what it will be. I have done my best, but my body has it's own ideas and it's own timetable. At least, no matter what that number might say, I know I have done my best for the week and will continue to do so the next and the next and the next until I stop breathing , celebrating birthdays and making birthday cakes for myself and the ones I love !

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