Saturday, December 26, 2009

St Stevens Day weigh in

Happy day after Christmas ! In the Roman Catholic faith this is the day that honors St Steven, he first deacon and martyr. It seems like an ironic consequence to have a post holiday weigh in on such a day, but so it is. Weight loss is a journey, and that journey involves bends, shifts and detours. Part of the maintaining phase is staying vigilant as to your weight so that you do not one day discover you cannot fit in clothes, chairs and so forth, so weigh in rituals every week are importaint.

Me- UP 0.8 ( with my own journey it seems like a normal week)
Hubby - UP 6.0 and he is really bummed and annoyed about this
Son- UP 3.2

The one thing I have noticed is that while this has been a week of eating sugar free, low carb and low fat, it has been light on veggies. Very light. While I have included raw veggies in my lunches, the guys have not and I have not made an issue of it. We also had oatmeal 2 times instead of a breakfast of flaxmeal , and have eaten eggs only once. I also made a loaf of whole wheat bread on Christmas eve and we had it for sandwiches at lunch on both Christmas Eve and Christmas. It has also been vacation and we have gone out to eat 2 timnes- both times eating responsibly, but restaurant food (especially buffet) can be high in sodium.

It was a wonderful holiday though. I got to hold 2 "evil babies" ( I call them evil because they make me think about having more)

my grand neice Jada, sporting holiday gear

me and my Nephew Elliot ( the baby who was hospitalized earlier)

Memories were made, sights were seen, family bonds we re-established and gifts were given. One of the best, most heartfelt gifts we received was from my niece Robin, who is a fitness enthusiast. She made everyone a plate of low fat brownies and mini muffins, with the calorie and fat grams for each typed on a small label ! I wanted to kiss her ! She is my new hero !


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