Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cake and weigh in

The almond meal cake turned out terrific ! It was dense like a pound cake, but not heavy in consistency. It is really nice to know that there are alternatives to make for special occasions ! It did not ries spectacularly so I could not split it to make two layers- my cake decorating skills do not go that far. So I simply loaded the pastry bag with the frosting , a tip and in the style of Wilton cake decorating I put a ton of those little frosting blips on it. It was satisfying squeezing that bag !

It's Saturday morning,and weigh in. In spite of my best efforts, my hormones are definitely in charge and holding my weight hostage. They decided to gift me with a 1.4 lb weight gain over night, on top of the .2 weigh gain they have gifted me with all week. Should I be honored ?It also means they will be gifting me in another way within the next 5 days. Thanks. You shouldn't have. REALLY ! So the results for the week are

Me- UP 1.6 ( sponsored by estrogen- the substance that turns little girls into screaming shrews)
Hubby- DOWN 3.4
Son DOWN 1.0

You know, I can understand the entire need for this biologically based cycle when we are young and intending to have children. It is a wonderful, miraculous thing. But after a certain age and stage in life it's kind of like a really bad guest that will not leave. If you are attempting weight loss in the face of this it can make you feel like the village idiot. Guess the best thing to do is just pick myself off, dust myself off and try once again. Heck, we have only been at this for two flipping years now. What's one more week ??


Gina Fit by 41, Maybe 42 said...

Diane, I just read your comment about St. Nick on Diane's blog...loved it.

My kids are hammering for breakfast...I'll look at your blog soon.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I'm so sorry that you had a gain this week in spite of all the hard work that you are doing. I know that has to be so hard emotionally. I'm thinking of you, and hoping that this hormone stuff will settle down a bit for you here soon!

Great job on the hubby and the son's weight loss. As the primary cook in the family you should be really proud of how you are influencing your family in a healthy direction.

It will happen for you - stay strong! By the way, the cake looks really good!