Saturday, December 19, 2009

Had a few spare moments

Boy, two entries in one day ! The guys are out doing some unscheduled computer shopping (one got "fried" in a power surge) , so I have a little time to do some reading. I decided to go out and see if anything has been written about inflammation and weight gain, and turns out there has. I may indeed be on to something with this. I have rhematoid Arthritis due to some old injuries, PCOS which has led to insulin resistance and adrenal stress, and I have food allergies. My son is Autistic and there has been a lot of correlation between gluten intolerance and this condition, which may be his response to a genetic pattern inherited from me. I thought I would share what I have found

How does inflammation affect your weight

Surprise cause of weight gain

Perimenopause weight gain -causes and solutions

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