Friday, December 18, 2009

It begins

Let the holiday festivities begin ! Well some of them. Yesterday I told Nick he could make the gingerbread house from the kit. It's a safe thing to do now that he is convinced they become poison after sitting out for an hour or so, an I have never liked things sweet tasting unless they have nuts or chocolate . So we make these houses for the smell and the look. He did a really good job !

Later in the evening we went for a ride to go see one of the bigger light displays in the area and decided to grab some coffee at MacDonalds on the way because it was cold. Big mistake. Drinking coffee at 7 pm will assure tht you get NO sleep that night ! The lights were pretty, but every picture of the neighborhood that I took was blurred- darn it ! I did manage to catch one of a stand alone , rather extreme home that had their display synked to live music, moveable characters and more

Makes you feel really in a seasonal mood !

Today we begin holiday shopping, and so it will be a day of walking and probably eating out for lunch. Hopefully I will wake up enough to remember what gifts I need to buy, what sizes people are and other such details . Wish me luck !


Enz said...

Have fun shopping!

Kristina said...

We have a house in our town that goes really BIG for the holidays.....and as much as I think its overkill.........I LOVE it! lol
Have fun shopping!

Gelareh @ Orange Truffle said...

Bravo on your commitment to yourself and your family!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I can't drink coffee after like 10:00 in the morning or I have trouble sleeping. Right now I'm on a hiatus from coffee until the New Year! It was hard the first day or so, but it is easier now.

Your son did a great job on that gingerbread house. It's good to know those kits work because my kids are always asking me to buy one. I think I will this weekend thanks to you!

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

That is the best looking gingerbread house! Ours always looks a mess -LOL!

I love riding around looking at the lights. It's so beautiful!