Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday weigh in

Another week gon. How did I fare with eating according to my instinct- which wound up eating a lot less than eating on a program ? Combined with moving more through family exercise times and walking more with shopping ? Also eating only good carbs, no sugar( outside of 2 kolachkis) and good fats ?

Me - UP 0.6 ( so much for my goal of not gaining during the holidays)
Hubby- DOWN 0.4
Son DOWN 2.2

In short, it has nothing to do with my weight loss. I did noticed something this week that may have big factor. It has been cold and snowing, which has made my arthritis flair very badly. I have been in pain almost every day- not to the point of it being debilitating, but to the point where it is preventing me from sleeping well and operating during the day without pain. I take fatty acid supplements daily as well as Vitamin D,C, Garlic, Calcium and a few others ( cannot take fish oil or Glucosamin because of a fish allergy). When the pain gets high I rely on Arnica gel, agrimony ticture or OTC pain relif products. But I am begining to wonder if these periods of arthritis flair ups make my system Waterlogged or something ? Do the flairs bring a level of fluid retention that keeps me stuck at this same weight , give or take a pound ? I have never come across anything that discusses the impact of arthritis flairs on weight- only that weight loss will supposedly help relive arthritis. ( Technically it will make for less weight on the joints and reduce the workload and pain, but arthritis is an autoimmune disorder and losing weight to cure arthritis is much like losing weight to cure an allergy to something).

If this is true, if arthritis flairs contribute to weight, then concentrating on avoiding inflametory foods would be wise. What they are might surprise you. Members of the nightshade family ( tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes), trans fatty acids, high fat meats, corn, sugar and dairy. Certain foods, such as broccoli, nuts, fish , berries and certain spices like tumeric and ginger help to reduce inflamation. I do not eat potatoes, transfats, corn , sugar at this point, but perhaps I can do better. The only oils I eat are olive, coconut or sesame and I avoid anything with transfatty acids on the label.

I don't know. All I do know is that there is some there factor that is keeping me at this point.

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