Monday, December 28, 2009

Lazy day discovery

There is something about a heavy snow that makes you just want to find a fireplace, a good book , a blanket and a cup of tea and make the world go away. At least this seems to be the case for most adults. Yesterday Bob volunteered to do the grocery shopping so I would not have to go out in the mess and potentially break something. I am really unstable in the snow, and falling is a real possibility. So while he was gone I got in a half hour of rowing with the Wii sports resort and about 15 minutes of Pilates. I felt good. So good that I agreed to him picking up a take and bake pizza from the grocery store. They are not whole wheat, not exactly healthy, but there could be a lot worse things. It was good, and perhaps with some encouragement they will start making whole wheat offerings.

The afternoon quickly deteriorated into laziness, peppered with a few minutes of leg wrestling. That was a new dimension to our marriage ! In the 28 years we have been married, we have never leg wrestled. Of course once we did this, Nick had to get in on the game. It was spontaneously silly, and has iven me some ideas for other workouts with him. This all in all was a good thing.

Then came the bad thing. The lazy pace of the day just kind of made my brain slip into an I don't care mode, and somehow gelatto for dinner came up. No real food, just eat ice cream, and of course I said yes. Nick thought he won the lottery and Bob did not protest or complain. So Gelatto it was.

It was then that I made an interesting discovery, or re visitation about myself - sweet food makes me instantly NAUSEOUS ! I had the first spoon, which tasted wonderful, but instantly my stomach started flipping. Like a fool I tried to ignore it, but by the fourth spoonful my stomach was yelling "Stop this now or I will reverse gears on you !!!". So I stopped and decided to make a quick microwave scrambled egg for myself. And then I felt really guilty and stupid about the gelatto so I grabbed a handful of raw broccoli to go with it. After eating these I felt a lot better. I was reminded of the fact that even as a little kid, sweet things would make me very nauseous. I was never the kid to raid the cookie jar, but look out lunch meat and milk !

All I can say is "that was a stupid move", and "never do that again !"


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Gosh, I wish that would happen to me -LOL! Seriously, I know what a bad feeling that is; sorry you had to feel that, but sometimes we need those "reminders" to keep us from repeating those actions.

Glad you're feeling better!

s'me said...

Your body knows you're onto a good thing with the way you're being now, and wants you to carry on! I'm proud of you and your body for the way you just keep going (whups, that makes you sound schizophrenic, but I'm sure you know what I mean!)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I am the same way! I can eat a little bit of sweets but too much can definitely throw my body into major rebellion.

It sounds like you had a really fun, relaxing day. It's nice to kick back and just hang out sometimes.

We spent the day taking down Christmas decorations. By the way - love the new picture of you! You look great.