Monday, November 10, 2008

If life isn't stimulating enough

I have adrenal fatuige , and I do not sweat. Well, almost never. Now moving into menopause i get night sweats sometimes. But I have never in my life broken a sweat with exercising, no matter how hard I worked. Case in point, today. I got on my stationary bike and pedaled HARD for 30 minutes. The distance meter said I pedaled 20 miles. My heart is pounding, my breathing is fast, my muscles ache, but I did not break any kind of a sweat at all. Which means that even at this level, my metabolism is not getting revved up enough to burn fat.

Stimulating, isn't it ?


Rosie said...

Is that true about sweating and metabolism? When I was younger I didn't sweat very much... I use to run 5 miles in high school every morning... at different paces.... sometimes 10 miles and I hardly ever sweated yet doing that I lost about 50 pounds.

Now for some reason in my 30's I sweat like a man when I work out... sweat dripping off me leaving puddles when I just power walk.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

With adrenal stress you do not sweat. One of the other diseases in the adrenal spectrum is Addison's Disease, in which sweating becomes a very dangerous thing. Adrenal diseases impact the thyroid , and things like your basal body temperature is lower than normal ( mine is 96.5). I rarely ever sweat, and when i do it is because of breaking a fever or menopausal night sweats. When it happens I get damp on the back of my neck and forehead, and that is it. It makes the whole weight loss thing a real challenge.