Thursday, June 9, 2011

We love Wii

Well, did not make it to the store last night. Part of the reason was that my stomach was feeling very "flippy". Eating a lot of salads and fruit can do this for a while sometimes to a person. Not exactly sick , but not exactly well. Then I began thinking of the inherent dangers of "sports shopping"- you know, the kind where you have an idea that you want to just kind of look at possibilities for clothes/books/sheets and wind up dropping 100 dollars an things you found that you will need/use in the near future and were on sale/clearance/special ? Such trips can be really dangerous to your financial health. So we stayed home and worked out with the Wii. Nick and I did a half hour together in the morning  and so we calculated that if we each did a half hour with daddy, then everyone would get in an hour of exercise for the day. So we did, we all wound up sweaty after the session and it was a good time.

I am coming to really love The Wii as a fitness option. It is there in your home, it has a wide variety of possibilities and does things in a very entertaining way for all ages. No matter what the weather is outside or how crunched your schedule is , you can plug it in, pop in a fitness game and work up a sweat. From gentle movement like tai chi and yoga to vigorous cardio like Zumba or boxing, there is something for every fitness level and ability level. When not using one of the fitness games, the just plain gaming involves movement of a lot more than just your thumbs. It takes up minimal space , is cheaper than a treadmill or elliptical and is constantly being improved ( at the moment).  At first I was skeptical- how could a video game actually improve your level of fitness after all ? But the truth is movement is what brings fitness, weight loss and  strength. Anything that gets your body moving in a sustained fashion for a length of time will get the job done.

And with the Wii , you can exercise in bunny slippers !


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

We have a Wii, but I haven't invested in the Wii Fit - I think everyone of us would love it, from the littlest to the biggest. I smiled at the thought of exercising in bunny slippers!

jess said...

I just got my Wii Fit Plus and I'm already hooked. Between that and my Dance Dance Revolution, I logged over an hour and a half off good workout time... at home, in the air conditioning and out of the brutal sun! Super awesome and I can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow and work out some more!