Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The little surprizes along the way

Sorting, sifting through, rounding up donations, sending other things to the trash. Bend, stretch, lift, bag, separate and suddenly realize this few minutes that I was going to devote to the task has stretched into a whole day , and in stopping it changes your  view, and you are reminded of another something that needs to be sorted through before packing happens. I am giving myself till August 15 to de-junk and then it's full on packing . In the meantime we learned that we have to pay a very substantial fee for breaking our existing lease. Add that to the deposit on the new place, the cost of moving equipment, the need to replace at least two beds, curtains, other fancy stuff and you discover that for the next 3-4 months your grocery budget absolutely, positively must be slashed to a fourth of what you currently spend. Oh yeah...add to that the fact that it is now the summer months where you have less income, gas prices are outrageous and the electric rates almost double here in the summer months. The only expense that can be cut is groceries, and this becomes really interesting when you are working on a health goal ! You then have to start making compromises and sometimes choosing between the lesser of two evils. ( Beans and soy are out - beans contain substances that make for arthritis flairs ( purines) and soy negatively impacts your thyroid (hello weight loss stall and unexplained gain !) I am seeing a lot of stir fries, fried rices and such in our future- even  couple of pancake dinners. Thankful thing is I recently stocked our freezer with boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale and chubs of ground turkey. Gotta use up the freezer before we move.

Time to fire up the Wii , and then off for another round of "What was I thinking and why do I have 6 of these ???"


Marisa @Loser for Life said...

I love that "purging" of things in the house! I tend to use the 2 year rule...if I haven't seen, used it, needed it in 2 years, then it goes!

I've been shunning the soy because of my thyroid issue, too. Kinda stinks...I miss my tofu scrambles! :(

Faith said...

I need to purge my closets of clothes I don't wear anymore. Why do I hand onto them?

Good luck with your purging, packing, moving, unpacking!

Rachelle said...

We seem to always be purging here and I'm not even moving lol. As for your budget I'm sorry it's so tight because of various expenses. Do you have a farmers market near by to cut the cost of fresh produce? Not sure if this will help but I thought I would mention it.Take care