Monday, June 20, 2011

Lists are only good if you read them

I think I might need to get a better system of locating my to do list. I write it down on my computer, but lately I forget to look at the list to be reminded. I completely forgot to weigh in on Saturday . Since this is not about weight loss anymore, no biggie. Just keep doing what we are doing and focus on other matters.

It was a busy weekend with a family reunion and a trip to sign the last bit of paperwork on the new place. It is something like 10 miles away from here, and I am cracking up about our new street address. The number is 669- you know, three numbers away from the number of The Beast ??? I keep laughing at the irony. Packing and moving is going to be a beast, and it looks very much like it will just be the 3 of us doing the whole thing. And one of us still walking with a cane and only able to carry things with one hand. Stimulating.

I was not able to attend the family reunion. The location it was being held at suggested the tents and tables were going to be set up on a large piece of grass, and I have great difficulty walking on grass still.Rather than risk a fall ( an diminish our future moving/packing crew any more), I sent the guys and stayed home to play with a crochet star pattern, watch bad 70's horror movies on Hulu. They had fun and so did I. I am not sure what these purple stars will become  ( and they are purple because it is the only color of yarn I have), but it feels very settling to do something with my hands while I watch mindless TV  in an attempt not to freak out at the whole reality of packing. Living in a new place is great- having to make decisions such as whether or not to keep  the Seal a Meal that you have not used in 5 years against the potential of  the event that someone may shoot a yak , an give you half the meat in the future, and you want to package it in a secure fashion to store in the freezer. Or discussions such as we have not been camping in almost 15 years, are not likely to go camping because of allergies and sleeping on the ground  but we have all this camping gear that is taking up space in the storage locker , so do we keep it in the event that we become homeless, give it away to a friend, donate it or attempt to sell it in it's twelve generation retro state ?

Off to exercise with The Wii- come on endorphins ! Keep me sane !!

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

It sounds like you had a nice time being alone for a while! I just got a new phone, and have been using one of those "to-do" apps, which strangely enough really motivates me.

It can be so hard to go through a lifetime of "stuff" and decide what needs to be left behind.