Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flip Flop Work Out

Yesterday , after getting in a good 40 minute workout with my Wii , I felt capable, competent and like I could tackle the world . Feeling this way will inspire an individual to not only do challenging things, but have the confidence that such challenges will be a matter of mental attitude more than anything else. Go muscles !!! You can do it !! With such an attitude  I embarked on my personal goal for the week of being able to walk for the whole day in flip flops.

It may sound strange to some, but going from not being able to wear shoes to something like flip flops requires the body to use different muscles, hold itself at a different angle and so forth. Fans of The Big Bang Theory may recall in the first episode how Sheldon explains that if a stair height is changed by mere centimeters a person will trip. Comedic fact, but a fact none the less. The reason for this is the same reason going from no shoes to shoes is a challenge.

The first 15 minutes went fine , simply because I was seated at a kitchen counter , packaging up chicken broth for the freezer. The problem began when I walked over to place the packs in the freezer. Did you know that linoleum senses a challenge , and will aggressively throw it's design into a 3D form as protection ? It has to be so, which would explain why I kept tripping over the print in the tiles. The morning wore on , and I kept stumbling over the nap in the carpeting, the threshold to the bathroom , imaginary trolls and puffed up dust bunnies. Luckily I was able to grab onto something with each incident so I did not fall. However, within 2 hours my knee was hurting enough to decide to  take the shoes off and congratulate myself for going 2 hours with them. Tomorrow is another day and  a chance to build up more.

Bob and I took a very short walk outside when he got home- by short I mean almost half the front of our building. It was so short because the muscles that support my knee were feeling very iffy from the whacking  of my knees with the stumbles. Such a grand walk could be very depressing, but I am reminding myself that this is still early in the game  and I have no where to go from here but up !


tanya said...

Flip flops, though minimalist, use a lot of unnatural foot positioning (you have to tighten your toes in a way you don't normally to keep them on while walking). I wonder if you found something similar that has a strap around the back would be more helpful.

Rachelle said...

I can't stand wearing flip flops. My feet get all cramped up from the unnatural way you need to hold your feet to keep them in place. I am naturally clumsy so I trip over everything with or without shoes lol. You have a very positive attitude about being able to get things done so I'm sure you will accomplish anything you set your mind to.