Sunday, June 12, 2011

Silly Sunday

I was thinking about my blog's title this morning and realized that many people through history have had a funny thing happen while on the way to the scale. Let's examine a few of these things from our collective past:

Smoking as weight loss ! That's right gents- eliminate those craving for between meal snacks with cigarettes. Endorsed by so many things endorsed by experts as the only way to go. Yes you will lose weight by smoking, but you might also lose a lung, your esophagus or even your life. So much better than a between meal snack though...right ???
Ah, yes...the grandmother of those cellulite removing creams and loofahs ! This one seems to be meant to target that double chin and "ungainly ankles". I cannot begin to tell you how many nights I have lost sleep worrying about my ungainly ankles....

Of course, this machine will work to scare the extra pounds into moving to some other more comfy home. It evolved into this :
The one on the right, a primitive version of The Hula Chair, was the final revision of this original idea :
Can we say grandfather of the mechanical bull ?? It is obviously the ladies version of this gym dandy thing that will reduce your waist and give you a fresh pressed look all in one move

Why does that remind me of an old fashioned coffee grinder and sausage maker ? And we giggle as the Shake Weight today ! Then there were the home sauna suits, wrapping your body in celophane rap, the Hot Dog /Banana /Egg Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet, but all must stop and bow down to the weight loss product that everyone forgot about due to a brand new serious disease emerging with the same name:

Yes indeed- a funny thing has happened on the way to the scale for as long as people have been believing that it's numbers are anything more than that- numbers. Every one of them endorsed by experts. Keep these images in mind as you go through the paces with your own journey. When you feel like quitting, think about strapping yourself into one of those 1920's weight loss devices. It you are feeling snacky, think of the old Ayds reducing plan( a candy and a warm beverage 20 minutes before any sensible meal  3 times a day). And keep smiling - we're in this together !


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I love the picture of the lady in the long, fancy dress! You are right about that there is a long history of people being dissatisfied with their weight and hoping that the "magic number" will make their lives complete.

revoluza register said...

revoluza register

Bedankt Wilko voor de inspiratie. Ik heb hem toegevoegd aan mijn agenda na Business Bootcamp. Ik ga dit nu als vast agendapunt vasthouden aangezien het volgens mij veel oplevert. O.a. ook voor mij in dit geval inspiratie en idee├źn voor vooruitgang. Zeker handig omdat dit naar mijn idee mijn uitstel gedrag verminderd! Dus nogmaals TX!