Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weigh in- again

Weigh in
UP ...I repeat UP 2.6 pounds.

Bob - UP 1.2
Nick- UP 5.4 lbs

Ah, the power of hormones with PCOS ( for me)...... They may make me gain, but they are not going to get me in the shape to be able to tackle this terrain

I wonder if I can stab the scale with my trekking poles ????


spunkysuzi said...

I say go for it :)

NAN said...

Just found your blog-I bet you're like me and eat too large portions. I cook healthy but I eat too much of it drat it!!! I think we need to drink a couple of glasses of water before we eat and not serve family style. I live alone now but used to cook for a family of 5 and now I eat for them LOL. We can do it and also, I have seen people walking with the poles- COOL!

Leslie said...

I say pick up the scale, hold it over your head with both hands, and then smash it violently against a hard asphault surface! The bastard!