Friday, July 16, 2010

My little friends

Say hello to my little friends. I am naming them Possibility and Brighter Tomorrows. Possibility, who is black and has a handle that looks like a bear, allows me to get places when my knee is not feeling so great. Brighter Tomorrows lets me almost FLY on land . I did not think anything would give me the level of stability and mobility that I felt before I got pregnant, some 20 years ago. Nick and went out for an early morning walk , me using Brighter Tomorrows and him deciding to use Possibility so he did not feel left out, and I was able to nearly break into a run. The only reason I did not was that running is something I have been instructed not to do because of the wear and tear on the joint, and I did now want to find out that this was indeed true and require some kind of wheelchair to get back into my house. For the time being I am going to just be thrilled with walking ! These are perhaps the best invention since sliced bread, and combined with the shoes, make for a wonderful way to go.

Nick also loved walking with assistance. It is kind of funny to think that he wants this, but whatever floats your boat and gets the job done is a good thing ! He then decided later in the day that he wanted to cook dinner- partially because he was flipping through the TV and found something he liked on Food Network. Nick kind of takes insperation from these shows and watching /helping me, so his attempts are usually very good. Last night was no exception

Balsamic glazed roast Zucchini and Peppers, Mustard Marinated roast chicken breast, Fruited Quinoa and a salad of romaine and watercress topped with melons, berries and sliced almonds. It was EXCELENT ! I think I might have to consider hiring him as a personal chef.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I'm glad you found some!! That dish looks delicious.

Mary from Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Ah, friends are great, aren't they? My poles disappeared on a black day in October 2006 when my husband cleaned the garage, thought they were ski poles, knew neither of us ski, and pitched them on the junk truck. :(


spunkysuzi said...

Good to hear your enjoying them! Maybe you'll have to get Nick a pair :)