Friday, July 23, 2010

Just pop popcorn !

So spraying was supposed to happen Thursday, then Friday. Yesterday afternoon we get a call saying that they will NOT be spraying in our apartment because we have seen no signs of the bugs.

Good in the fact that I will not have to deal with the aftercare of a toxic cloud enveloping my apartment for 4 hours, and that we will not have to leave the apartment for this time.

Bad in the fact that Bob has moved things around at work twice so that he could be home while this happens, meaning we would have the car and the ability to do more than sit on the lawn for 4 hours. Now the efforts will prove unnecessary. Rather than pound our heads, we are going to take advantage of having an unplanned day off. It is going to be brutally hot and humid here today , so we are going to take care of all of our Saturday errands, and then have Saturday to do something fun and active.

Nick with his tooth- will no be able to get him in for TWO WEEKS. Yep, two weeks. Thank you to the rush of back to school dental check ups and other fancy stuff for that delay. After a VERY intense day of helping him deal with the pain, we finally found a few things that gave him relief ( acupressure, reiki, herbal remedies) . For comedy , the toilet decided to back up in all of this , at a time when I had only two paper towels in the house and Nick moaning in pain. Finally toilet issue resolved, comfort was given to Nick and I actually was able to take a shower ! Looked like relief was in sight , till he ate dinner. It seems that cold food gives him relief, but hot food brings serious pain, and so biting a piece of whole wheat pasta brought back searing pain, and another 4 hours of heavy duty work to bring him relief. Finally it was found, and a relatively good night sleep was had by all.

It seems that life is meant to be just a little bit chaotic at the moment- fingers crossed that all will drift back to relative normal today.

Foodwise, the last couple of mornings I have been making overnight oats for breakfast. Half cup rolled oats, one cup of soymilk, a teaspoon of cinnamon , a teaspoon of raisins and a teaspoon of crasins - place in a container in the fridge before bed and in the morning, stir and eat. Nice cold nourishing breakfast for a hot summer day. Have also been making overnight iced coffee in the french press ( water and coffee in the press in the fridge overnight, press and drink in the morning) for another good way to start the day.


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Whew! You have a lot going on! I can't believe the dentist won't take Nick for 2 weeks! His situation sounds like it's an emergency -they should be taking him right away! No need to deal with that kind of pain!

Glad you have Saturday for fun! Enjoy :)

spunkysuzi said...

I'm surprised they couldn't get him in as an emergency!!
Tell him i hope it feels better soon.

Leslie said...

I'm with the other gals...they might end up getting called in over the weekend if the situation comes to a head and he's in a lot of pain. In the meantime - Ibuprofen works the best for dental pain - if he's adult size, he can really take 800mg every 6 hours.

Hope things settle down!

Anonymous said...

Hectic to say the least, my gosh! I hope things slow down to a manageable pace here for ya! Have a wonderful weekend :)