Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Been strangely busy

It's been a weird couple of days here. First has been the attempt to chase down a UPS package. Our mail /delivery situation is the most insane hassle imaginable We live in a complex which has tiny little mail boxes that hold about three envelopes and a smashed magazine. Our current postal worker will not ring the bell of any resident if they have something that will not fit in the box, they bring it back to the post office. UPS is worse- one carrier will attempt to ring the bell to deliver, another one will simply leave a notice on the wall and deliver the package to the office, and still another will deliver the package, leave no notice and the office will not inform you that you have a delivery( they have way too much to do). So if we forget the joy of package delivery and make the mistake of ordering something through a catalog, it means a minimum of one full day playing "who's got the package". Such has been the case, with a notification that delivery will be made sometime on that day, only having the notice left by carrier one and delivery made by carrier 3.

In the mean time, we were notified that we are going to be fumigated for bedbugs on Thursday. Up till a year ago I thought bedbugs were a sort of mythological creature , but it turns out they are real and there is an epidemic of them in our area. I have not seen any or evidence of any , but living in a building with 48 other families , it is wise to take precautions. So for the last 2 days it has been prep for the bomb- you have to seal things like toothbrushes and brushes in plastic, remove the matresses, cover food and then a whole list of aftercare procedures. Plus, you have to evacuate the building for a couple of hours- you, your pets , because this stuff is very toxic. I have smelled it from other apartments, and I am NOT looking forward to the after smell !

In the fun of shifting , prepping and so forth, I managed to somehow break my little finger. I am not totally sure how I did it, but I kept getting my finger mashed under stuff, whacking it into other things and so forth. Not much to be done for it but splint it and keep on keeping on.

Food has been good but our regular exercising has taken a back burner to deep cleaning and so forth. It will be interesting to see what the scale says this weekend. Thursday if it is not raining , I plan on taking my trekking poles to the woods while they bomb the place for nasty little vermin !


Leslie said...

What a lot of pesky and pesty annoyances. That mail situation would drive me up the wall. I hope that can eventually get remedied - like couldn't the complex get new mailboxes? Gee, I bet you never thought of suggesting that, huh?

Hope the finger heals fast. A broken finger can be very difficult and impacts so much of day to day activity.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Sadly the mailbox situation ois not easily remedies. They are built into the wall , and for delivery the postal worker uses a key and the whole bank of them flip down and open. There isn't another place to put the boxes, and so it's a kind of must live with annoyance. After 8 years in this place, we are finally adjusting to it- and hopefully we will be out of here by next summer . The finger is annoying, but I am starting to think of the throbbing as a weird kind of temporary friend . It will improve, and i am giving it reiki to insure it does so at top speed !

biz319 said...

I used to work at a property management company, and it was just easier to do the whole property even if only one person complained.

Hang in there!