Monday, July 12, 2010

New shoes and new goals

Yesterday morning I discovered that we were out of a couple of crucial items . It seems when you go on vacation you lose track with he supply level of things like shampoo, shaving cream and so forth. The guys went to Church in the morning and met the new Pastor, so it was not till afternoon that we could do anything, and errands won out over the woods. I decided to check out the Back to School stuff while there , wandered into the shoe department and found a knock off of these

They are advertised as something that helps to tone your butt and calves, but also something that eases back and knee pain. I found a pair in my size and decided to try them out . Verdict is they do indeed ease back and knee pain, but feel a little wonky if you take an abnormal sized stride. I think I am going to really love them though .Going to test them out with a neighborhood walk today. I see it as anything that will help me move with less pain as a very good thing .

We also talked about setting a definable goal with fitness. It's one thing to determine an exercise plan to help you lose weight, but if the scale does not cooperate , it is very easy to become discouraged. A non scale goal is a lot more motivating and realistic. Our trip to Tennessee reminded me of how much I love the wilderness and how completely unsafe it wouldbe for me to venture into these at this level of stability. So the plan is the Couch to Waterfall program- take a year to build all of us up to the level where we can walk the paths along the waterfalls on the Lake Superior arrow region. Here is one of them...I am going to use it for inspiration !


spunkysuzi said...

That's funny because the daughter is now an assistant manager of a naturalizer shoe store and with her discount she was going to get me a pair of those :)

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I think you will love them ! They are so comfortable and really absorb the shock to your knees and back. I like these so much that I had Bob order himself a pair from Sketchers- they don't seem to carry many of these for men in this area for some reason.