Sunday, July 25, 2010

I bet E Harmony doesn't even think of this one

About 30 odd years ago I got this idea in my head that this total stranger was not only my future husband, but the second half of my soul- the missing part of me that made all the rest of it make total sense. I followed through with that hunch, waited till he realized the same truth , and we have been living happily ever after since August of 81. It's not to say that problems have not arisen in our life, but they have not been problems in our relationship. Bob is a very, very special man who makes everyday wonderful. However, there comes those occasions when I am convinced he is both a Saint and my Knight in Shining Armor- yesterday was one of these.

Last week was pretty chaotic , as well as hot and humid. Between bug sprays, package nonsense, toothaches, curriculum decisions, hassles at work, the prospect of simply going grocery shopping for the week was sounding like a weekend in Vegas! Sometimes just plain normal can be the most exciting thing in the world! I made our menu plan, lists and prepared to go- and we needed to make some extra consideration because of the 100+ heat index and frozen foods. Friday night we got a gullywasher storm with 8 inches of rain and a lot of flooding. Several roads were closed in the area, we were out of popsicles, squishy cold foods for Nick's teeth and other necessary stuff. We got ready to leave, and learned that the elevator had been knocked out ( something electrical got soaked in the heavy rain or something). We live on the 3rd floor, and while my mobility is improving, I do good just getting my body up the stairs, let alone carry anything. ( It's a stability issue- I need to use the railing and the wall in order to support my knee). Carrying anything up the stairs for me involves a back pack. Nick's tooth was flaring up again and he was miserable, and so I mentally calculated what I could scrounge in the house over the weekend till the regular staff was back on Monday and the elevator was repaired. Then Bob said that he would just take the lists and go. I argued that it was too hot and dangerous to be lugging a couple of hundred pounds of groceries up 3 flights of stairs in 100+ heat, but he insisted he would be fine and it would be best to do it this way. So off he went.

He did all the shopping, carried up all the groceries in the heat, remembered things I forgot to put on the list , and was happy to do it. It allowed me to work on Nick to get him feeling better ( temporarily), and pump Bob full of ice water when he got home. Skip roses or jewelry- THIS is some of the sexiest, most romantic things that a man could do for his wife when push comes to shove !

So far Nick is doing better, and we are noticing that while waiting for any medication or treatment to take affect, if we entertain hi with something the remedy takes affect faster and more efficiently. In that light, today he is feeling much better ( even has an appetite again) , and so we are going to take him to Chuck E Cheese. Technically is too old for the place, but he still loves it , and a day of being swirled in the happy energy can go a long way towards helping him at least become stable enough to be relatively normal till we can get him in ( long story on the Dentist) . Bob suggested that maybe getting Nick to do something really fun would be of great benefit in the interim. Add excellent father to the list .

My partner in life, crime and weight loss. I think I will keep him !


spunkysuzi said...

He is definitely a keeper :)

Dutch said...

He is a keeper. My daughter is 16 and loves Chuckie Cheese. I don't think anyone is too old to have fun there. I just love seeing all the kids faces at that place. Have a great time.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

So glad that you and Bob found each other. You are very blessed. That is great that he did all that work and did is so willingly. I really hope Nick's dental issues get resolved very soon.