Monday, May 31, 2010

Gluten ?Not Gluten ? And What not to wear

Yesterday was a day of dunning around for shopping, in a quest for clothes, computers and what nots. Fun, frustrating at times with Nick issues , and eventually it came to lunch time and a quandary. We were not close to any gluten free possibilities, hungry and in real need of a break( and something to drink), and so I decided to take a risk an just grab a burger with a bun. Not only would it eliminate a quest for someplace with a gluten free option, but it would confirm if I indeed have an actual problem with gluten or wheat. So we had a burger lunch( I got a side salad instead of fries), and I watched all day to see if I had any problems.

The result ? No problem at all. No digestive issues, no bloating, no itching, no respiratory problems - nothing. This is making me really wonder. Is it simply that I have to not eat wheat or gluten every day ? Will I be okay if I go wheat free at home and eat wheat when I go out ? Was it a fluke ? I really do not know, and I just plain do not understand what is happening to my body. Is it just the weirdness that comes with menopause, complicated with PCOS ? Or is it simply that my brain is speaking English while from the neck down it is speaking Fratalian ????

Speaking of the body, I found some clothes, but I give up on sleeveless anything. The options seem to be itty bitty spaghetti straps or things with additions on it that make me think someone got drunk and grabbed a glue gun and leftover beads and stuff. In the quest for the wedding outfit, I am still hunting. I refuse to buy anything that looks like it is missing half of the fabric or designed for the :"I Officially Give Up" line. If worst comes to worse I will buy a pattern and fabric and make an outfit ( I did that a lot in the past and I even made one of my sister's Wedding Dress of her dreams by combining 3 different patterns). I bought a few a couple of summer tops and two bras that fit my ribs and may fit in the cups if I coat my chest with honey and lay out on an ant hill and hope the swelling will fill me out ( bra rant- just because you are big does not mean you are a D cup....)


Sally said...

I was taught a technique for checking if a food was good or bad for. It sounds loopy but trust me it works. Stand with your eyes closed and your feet about 9 " apart. Think 'yes' and you should feel yourself sway slightly. Think 'no' and you should feel yourself sway in the other direction. Then think of a food like wheat . If you sway in the positive direction it is OK for you eat that day. If you go in the 'no' direction avoid it. It is possible all you need to do is reduce your exposure.

You can get the same information by rubbing your thumb and forefinger together in a circle. Smooth is yes, rough is no.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

A variation on Applied Kinseology ! Other terms for it are energetic testing and while it sounds odd, it does indeed work.You can use this method by holding the item in question with an outstretched arm and checking the muscle strength of the arm while it holds the item I have used it for other things , but had not even considered it for wheat and gluten ! Thank you for the reminder- I am going to give it a go and let it help me discern what is going on. ( I practice EFT and other forms of energy medicine and keep remembering about this kind of energy testing when helping others, but totally forget when it comes to me)

spunkysuzi said...

This is why i love reading your blog i find new things everyday! Thanks