Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mushrooms, Mom and new muppets

Needless to say, this weekend has not unfolded as was planned ! The original intention was for Saturday to be spent in the woods , a picnic, and a general day of fun. The weather and the computer changed that. Happily my nephew was able to pull the critical information off of my hard drive , and after much consideration I have decided to wait a few weeks and buy a new computer instead of doing the repair on my old one. So I gave my nephew the computer to use for parts. He is studying to be a computer repair person, and has re manufactured several computers and either donated or traded them for other things. He has given computers to other family members who were in need of one but scrapped for cash- kind of a pay it in kind thing - and it looks like one of my nieces ia going to inherit this one when he finishes with it. He is a very good guy!

So on to food matters. In the craziness of yesterday I did not get any food pictures ( we had oatmeal for breakfast, Sweet Tomatoes salad bar for lunch and yogurt with blueberries and granola for dinner), but I did manage to have a picture of Friday's dinner still on my camera.

It was roast asparagus , tomatoes, mushrooms and leeks tossed in balsamic vinegar and basil, a portabello burger( the mushroom cap roast and on a bun) and a salad of romaine, dandelion and watercress with strawberry and pecans. A very mushroom heavy meal ! Part of the choices were symbolic, but when combined with nutritional sense they become even better. Mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium and a rich source of riboflavin, niacin, and selenium.
Selinium helps the body fight certain cancers, such as skin, breast and prostate.Mushrooms are also the only vegetable that contains Vitamin D. Add to this the fact that we all love mushrooms, you have a winning choice.

Between the weather and all the issues of switching a computer, the day was kind of a pain. One good/bad point was that in order to get my nephew to work on my computer we had to bring it to my mom's house. Mom is not doing well at all, and these days her speech is a collection of completely unrelated words and partial words that make no sense . She is often becoming terrifies or angry over something unseen or unheard of.We are all going to get together up there for Mothers Day, as it may be her last one with us. And then , in a wonderfully ironic balance, I got to meet and hold my newest grand neice Abby, or "Abby Cadabby" as I am calling her

She has the longest fingers and toes I have seen on any of the babies in a long time ! Thankfully, she is not an "evil baby". Evil babies are those ones that I hold and instantly think about having another one . It is nice to have the new crop of little ones around these days. It serves as a reminder that life goes on through the family that goes on. Kind of comforting to to that in the place I once called home there are often 4 generations of my relations simply gathered to do mundane things.I don't know if a lot of other families can have that experience these days. We all live too far apart from each other as a rule.


spunkysuzi said...

What a cutie pie :)
Can't wait for the new pictures once you get the new computer!! Hope your having a great weekend.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

So sorry that your mom is in poor health. That will be nice to spend mother's day with her. That baby is so cute! I've always wanted more babies, so I haven't gotten to the point where holding one doesn't make me want more!!

I bet you are looking forward to getting a new computer!