Friday, May 21, 2010

Some non scale progress

Yesterday's food was nothing really interesting or different. Breakfast was hardboiled eggs and an apple, lunch was some roast chicken cubes , raw veggies and hummus and dinner was a pork stir fry over brown rice ( no sauce because I discovered my soup base that I always use for stir fry sauces has gluten in it). Exercise was a walk outside, with the amusement of watching several territorial robins battle each other. There have been some high winds, a lot oif broken branches and I suspect several nests were disturbed. Pretty run of the mill stuff. But I did notice two non scale type progress/victories that I can only attribute to going gluten free, and they are exciting to me !

First, I suddenly do not feel bloated- and I had no idea I felt that way in the first place ! As am adult female, feeling bloated happens with every cycle, but that bloating is kind of an all over bloated sort of feeling. There are days when even your hair feels bloated from that. This bloating however seems to have been strictly in my torso, from the breastbone down. I never knew I felt bloated until it simply stopped. I now have this sensation that I actually have a ribcage, spine, hipbones and they are lying under skin, muscle and fat. I have never felt this before in my life, and it feels definitely good !

Second is my feet. For a couple of years now I have had the absolutely worst, dry crusty feet on the planet !. Thick, cracking and flaking skin that would not respond to any moisturizer or lotion I tried.Over the last year my only strategy was to attack the worst of it with a pumice stone every couple of days or wind up scratching me or Bob in my sleep with these. I attributed it to going barefoot mot of the day. Yesterday I stepped on something , went to brush it off and noticed that my feet feel like actual feet ! still some dry calous skin, but tons and tons of real, actual human skin surrounding it ! Interestingly enough, extreme dry skin is also oine sign of a gluten intolerance. I thought that it would apply if your whole body had dry skin though ( I still have oily hair and skin)

So add these two to sleeping better and feeling a lot less pain in my joints. Not sure what it will do to or for my weight , as I have not stepped on the scale since Monday morning. It seems obvious that I do indeed have a problem with gluten, and no matter what the scale says tomorrow, I believe I am going to be gluten free for life.


karen said...

I am so glad it's going well for you! I remember all too well when I realized that I needed it for me as much (if not more) than we needed it for John. Suddenly a whoooole lot of stuff started making sense and feeling better. Sure, it can still be a big pain in the ass to try and lose weight because there's an awful lot of yummy gluten free options that still aren't necessarily "good" for you ... but the energy I've had without the gluten in my system makes it a LOT easier to burn those back off again :)

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

It seems that gluten free can be harder for weight loss because of the use of different flours- the calorie count is different from wheat, and the pronouncement of gluten intolerant makes you go slightly into a panic and you keep looking for what you can substitute for what makes you sick. Result is you wind up eating things just because they are gluten free, and forget that there is a whole world out there that always was ( and still is) gluten free. Like greens, fruits and so forth. My goal is to focus on nutrient dense AND gluten free because both will bring the most benefit to my body. It's going to be fun playing with some new flours and combos of things !