Friday, February 5, 2010

Super bowl - Supper Bowl

Are you doing anything for Superbowl Sunday ?

I am not a football fan, but the two guys enjoy watching or listening to the games most every week. I still do not totally understand football, have no desire to do so, and so game time becomes just break time for mommy. Superbowl however is a totality different thing. I ADORE the commercials, and will watch the game in a state of baffled numbness JUST to catch the commercials. And as it seems to be the case for most people, gametime means snacks. When this happens in our house it means the main meal is a time of snacks- which can be a lot easier on mom if it is done right.

Actually the event does not have to be a disaster weight loss wise. There are plenty of options out there that are pretty healthy. My plan is to make a weight watcher friendly 7 layer dip( hummus, guacamole, non fat sour cream and so forth) , baked buffalo flavored wings and lots of veggies for dipping.There was a temporary temptation to make Japanese rice balls ( think arrancini with veggies or fish, neither fried or baked and wrapped in nori) , but I could not think of enough non fish fillings to make that work. Now if I can just remember who is playing ( isn't it somebody versus The Cubs ?????), I will be set !


Kristina said...

Oh sweetie!!! Im hoping you were teasing about this The Cubs are a baseball team. The Saints & The Colts are in the Super Bowl (GO COLTS!). We have several friends/family coming over to watch the game so I have prepared the menu and asked each to bring according to that..if Im going to munch...its gotta be tasty and healthy! lol

Dutch said...

That is funny about the Cubs. I am a huge Cub fan.
My hubby's side of the family has a big party. I am bringing the barbecue pork in the crock pot. It is a big eating fest but I am bringing a big salad and probably cut up some pork or chicken in it.
I have 6 brothers so we are a big sports family but not to interested in this year's Super Bowl since my team didn't win.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Sounds like a great menu of yummy things!

We're not doing anything special for Superbowl. I'm not really a football fan (horrors!) and the daughters...well...yeah, the hubs is on his own for that one :)