Monday, February 8, 2010

So it begins

It's Monday morning, and I have decided to treat this as DAY ONE and give this new way of eating a try. I had to wait till Monday to begin because of Superbowl and promises made to my son- as well as the need to alter menu plans. This approach is VERY heavy on fruits and veggies, and while we buy a lot of these, we were not going to have enough to complete the whole week. A second trip to the store is going to be required, so I decided Monday would be the best day to start. And with any Day One, it means stepping on the scale and finding the number that will be your starting point. And so, even thought our weigh in day is Saturday, I climbed on to see what mine was.


On the one hand, it is a number to make me SCREAM !!!! It is up 5.4 lbs from Saturday, a number that was up 4.8 lbs from the week before. One factor is when my body moves into the ovulatory phase of my cycle, it hangs there and builds multiple fluid filled cysts, which pack on the pounds in ways that look like a campaign of shock and horror( in past years I would often gain 20 lbs at this point, and lose it all when the dreaded Aunt came to town). Add a couple of slices of pizza, and you get a number like that. While I want to scream ( and pick a fight about an important issue with my husband on a great burning issue like which ocean is greater, who invented the lawn and so forth) it is the point at which I start and nothing more. Okay Dr Joel. Let's do this ! Lets bring it on...and you had better be right or those Bunny Cheerleaders from the Puppy Bowl are gonna hear about it !


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

I'm excited for this new venture for you! I have a good feeling about this for you!

The Puppy Bowl was soooo cute, wasn't it?

spunkysuzi said...

I have a good feeling about this week for you :) Forget what happened last week and just go forward!!

Enz said...

Without fail I gain 5lbs the week I ovulate - thankfully it's all gone a week later, but then I gain 2-3 lbs the week of, which also then disappears..but it is so frustrating, isn't it?

I am also excited about this new plan for you and can't wait to see the results!

Leslie said...

I'm several years past ovulating and I gained 5.9 pounds last week! UGH! This was a great post - positive and optimistic. I hope your new plan is a good fit for you, and wish you well with it! I'll be checking in to see how it goes!

JC said...

Funny post. I remember those days/weeks. Are you doing South Beach now? I noticed the ad on your sidebar.

Kristina said...

It begins! Good for you! I think this is going to be a great week for you!