Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moaning hormones will defeat Jillian any day

Here is an interesting article that discusses one reason why normal women can have a bit of a struggle with weight loss- and some explanation ( to those who understand the hormonal cycle and it's impact) of why women with PCOS have an even MORE difficult time. It has NOTHING to do with willpower, discipline, exercise, snacks and so forth

Impact of the Menstrual cycle on determinate s of energy intake


Kristina said...

When I was having periods (I had a thermal ablation a couple of years ago), they were horrific. I had NO energy, I laid about for a week, sick to my stomach, my back, my Yeah! Jillian wouldnt have even been able to pry me off the couch then!

Enz said...

I often wonder how The Biggest Loser addresses health issues since they so seldom mention it. There has to be some people on the show with PCOS and Type II diabetes or thyroid disorder, both which make weight loss difficult but NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Maybe their meal plans and exercise plans are geared towards that and that is a part we don't see?

It is definitely not always as easy as calories in/calories out and I do recall one comment Jillian made that made me think she was addressing these issues..she said, "She lost 11 lbs the first week (referring to the red team lady), she doesn't have a metabolism problem."