Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gluten, rabbit habits and feeling the earth move

First off, let me clarify something. We are NOT following a gluten free, casein free diet, we are not vegetarian or vegan, we are not low carbing, we are not calorie counting and we are not doing low fat. What we are doing is following an approach that focuses on nutrient dense foods in quantities that satiate hunger. I have nothing against any of those approaches , but for us they simply have not worked. I just wanted to clarify to avoid any misunderstanding !

Yesterday morning while I was putting breakfast together with my son I noticed that he suddenly looked a lot taller. So I got him to stand on the wall of measurement and discovered he has grown a full 2 inches since April ! This could indeed be one reason for his stall in weight loss for so long. While the current mindset is you must expand more calories than you take in through exercise, it does not factor in things like growth in height for children, so this makes the whole tackling childhood obesity thing a bit trickier. Children grow, and a lot of times they grow in weight before height, so how exactly does THAT work ? My son is weeks away from 18, and he has been the same height for a long time. For this reason I thought he had reached his full adult height, but obviously I was wrong. My "baby" is now a quarter of an inch shy of six feet.

For breakfast we had Overnight Meusli- half cup of rolled oats , one cup almond milk, 2 figs chopped , half an apple chopped and half a pear chopped and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mix, place in a container in the fridge overnight. In the morning , microwave it 3 minutes in a microwave safe bowl. It makes for a quick breakfast, but I need to change the mix somehow. I think blueberries would work better in this .

Afterwords we got in 30 minutes of rowing on the Wii Sports Resort and watched the snow fly. Small flakes that kept coming down all day as we went about our daily routine. When lunchtime came we were both looking forward to it

A whole wheat pita stuffed with guacamole, baby spinach, garbanzo beans and tomatoes with baby carrots on the side. My goal in life is to make a sandwich on a pita pocket without tearing the pocket open. So far no luck !

By evening we had gotten about 6 inches of snow , and it increased in intensity . The high winds started and once Bob got home we watched the snow flying sideways and congregating in drift making materials destined for somewhere. The plows were out, so we had dinner with the sounds of metal plows scraping in the lot ( and as I sat here typing this at 4 in the morning we had a mild earthquake !!! Snow and an earthquake in the same day...only in the Chicago suburbs ! We are fine)
Dinner began with a salad of baby spinach, romaine, watercress, apple and walnuts, topped with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Num Num !

Main course was Italian sausage and kale in marinara sauce served on Spaghetti squash. I tried baking the squash in the oven this time ( at 375 for an hour) and it was STILL like wresting a red hot ornery, squirming monster when it came to removing it from the shell. However, the resulting dish tasted so good it was worth hot squash in the eye !

I just found out the earthquake was a 4.3- which is big for our area, and the epicenter was about 20 miles away from us in a place that I did not know even had a fault line . Wonder what this means for California ??

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Kristina said...

That salad looks super yummy. And yikes to the earthquake. We get tremors here in E TN too, not often, but scary enough. And your "baby" isnt a baby anymore from the sounds of it. I cried the day it dawned on me that I was actually looking "up" at my son.....