Thursday, February 4, 2010

A brush with stomach stapling

I want to say , first and foremost that I DO NOT judge anyone of the decisions they make in regard to their weight loss journey. We are all individuals with very individual lives, individual temperaments, body issues and so forth. Within each life comes different pressures, councils and so forth. We have also each been blessed with a free will to make our own decisions, and those decisions are to be respected by others.

That being said, I have been asked to offer reiki healing for something that I had been recommended to to , but chose not to for my own reasons- stomach stapling surgery for weight loss. In this case it is a young woman who is experiencing severe post operative internal bleeding from the surgery. A scary thing for both her and her family. I do not judge, but simply preform my services as requested, and if it is in accordance with the person's highest will, they will heal. It is not me that does the healing though, rather the energy that comes from a much greater and flawless source.I need not put any of my own energy into it, simply the intention that the energy goes to her for her highest good.

Afterword, I was reminded of my own brush with stomach stapling. Bob and I had been living together for a few months, and we had made the decision to have as many children as we were intended to have. I look at The Duggars and wonder if there was something in the air at that time, and realize that if I had been intended for that life I too could have had enough children by now to become news . However, it was not the case. I had gone a full year without a menstrual cycle, and my primary care physician was concerned. He sent me to a specialist to try to find out what was wrong with me. Enter Dr Crazy.

She was a female gynocologist who did her very best to terrify me into compliance. She entered the room, looked at my size and told me I MUST have stomach stapling done RIGHT NOW or I would have a heart attack by age 30. She then did a physical examination and decided I needed to be on Clomid, a fertility drug, or I would never have a menstrual cycle. Then she told me , "by the way it is a fertility drug and if you do become pregnant you will have to have an abortion because if not the baby will be deformed from the drug and you will die in delivery because of your weight". Such good news to receive at the ripe age of 22.Not knowing any better at the time I took the pills for a month, nearly went crazy from their affects, refused the stomach stapling and did not get pregnant for another 10 years.

I changed doctors, began a quest to find out what exactly was going on with my body, and continued the business of my own life. Through the years I had several friends undergo the stomach stapling procedure and lap band procedure with mixed results. A few have died due to complications, others still struggled with weight loss afterwords, and one lost all the weight but was left to deal with other serious issues that weight protected her from facing. And in fairness I have had several friends who lost through non surgical means and had complications after their own journey as well. I do not judge anyone for their choices.

It was simply odd that this option for weight loss crossed my path as a healer. Perhaps it happened as a kind of reminder.


Kristina said...

Yikes! That lady doctor had to have gone into early retirement with that kind of personality/bedside manner! So glad you didnt take her advise!

JC said...

Of all the goofy things I've done over the years to lose weight. Surgery has never been a consideration. Hope the young woman heals. I also had a similar experience with a GYN doctor when I was 28 and trying to find out why I wasn't conceiving. After I was tested, my husband was tested. Turns out his sperm count was way to low. I never had children but it was never because of my size. Stupid doctors.

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lexorjunnel said...

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