Monday, August 23, 2010

There's a new bun in town

Move over Arnolds Thins, there is a new kid in town ! This one is lower in calories and an actual bun !! Healthy Life now makes a wheat bun that looks like a hamburger bun, tastes like a hamburger bun, but comes in at a skinny 80 calories ! That is a mere 10 calories above an average slice of bread, but for a whole bun !

Here is the nutritional information ( sorry for the bad photo !)

For those following a Weight Watchers points program ,these come in at one point per bun- Better than Arnolds ! They are also cheaper per package. I found these in our market and really wanted to give them a try. I have bough other Healthy Life breads in the past and was very happy with the quality. To see that they now also have buns in my market was a happy thing ! Yesterday for lunch we had these with an Aldi's find- Salmon burgers ( I hope it is not a seasonal item !)
Here is the nutritional information for these tasty little guys
Click on it to "embiggen"- lables seem to be ard for my camera to capture . These two finds met, liked each other and were married in order to form a tasty, healy lunch that came in at 310 calories for the whole shebang

I am very thankful that it is not required for me to dress up like a clown and stand under an arch to get my family to like a burger type lunch ! I think those big shoes would be a hazard to my health .


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

I just bought Mahi Mahi burgers from Trader Joe's. Gotta look for those buns, now!

Salmon burgers look good, too!

Brigitte said...

I like these but I can't find them at my store all the time. The Arnold products are always there.

Those Mahi Mahi burgers are amazing!!

Leslie said...

I'll have to see if those buns are in my town! They look good. And what a fantastic lunch for so few calories! I've had different varieties of the salmon burgers and they're good.