Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A smile can hide such evil !!!!

It started easy enough, but I have come to believe that Bob Harper may kill me in the end. How , you may ask, did this happen ?

I am on Twitter, and while I do not tweet very often , I like to read the tweets of others. Twitter is a social network that likes to connect people of what they see as a similar interest according to tweets, and one day because I mentioned something about exercise, it started suggesting I follow people like Jillian Michaels. No thanks for her, but when Bob Harper came up, I decided to follow him. ( if I was ever on The Biggest Loser and got to pick a trainer it would be Bob because i think his methods are more holistic). He has been talking about core strength exercises, and posting links to videos for simple and effective ones. Yesterday he talked about a plank challenge, and I remembered how much I like planks. There was no set number of repetitions to do, so I came up with a fun personal plan. Drink my usual gallon of water for the day , and every time I got up to go to the bathroom, do a 20 second plank. Simple, easy and would allow me to do the other things I had to do. Like be trapped at the computer planing next weeks menu and grocery shopping list, factoring in back to school, too hot to run the oven and our 29th anniversary on Sunday. ( I seem to have less brain cells to devote to a lot of variables these days)

It felt really good - at first! I was noticing that doing planks not only made my lower back feel really good, but for some reason i was needing to run to the bathroom less often ( I think it might have been psychosomatic ). The only problem was that I was getting slight rug burns on my forearms from these. A chair cushion on the floor under my arms remedied this. I was working, I was getting in water and I was sneaking in exercise - a good thing ! These planks felt like nothing, so it was easy do do lots of them.

When we sat down to dinner, I was suddenly feeling like something beat me about the shoulders and upper back. Then the pain continued to develop in my upper abdominal muscles, and by the end of dinner I was feeling like even my hair was going to be hurting . At first I was a little worried about the pain, but then I realized that planks exercise all of your deep muscles and not just your abdominal s. What I was feeling was a sign that this innocent little nothing was really doing something, and if I was smart I would continue doing these at least a couple of days a week.

By bedtime I was really sore and thinking that Bob Harper may be like that friendly stranger in a black sedan , who lures you in with a smile and candy. Sure- looks tempting , but evil lies inside ! Okay, not evil, but effective moves for transformation. This morning the pain is gone, but I feel like my muscles are more...stable ? functional ? I am not sure, but it is an improvement for sure.

Today i am going to do some re-arranging of our school room/diningroom, and I will continue with my plan to do a 20 second plank every time I go potty. And remind myself that Bob Harper is really not trying to kill me.


Baby Stepping said...

Bob IS evil, I tell ya! He smiles and looks so kind and understanding, but he is a tough taskmaster. A smiley-faced, evil taskmaster. LOL!~


Brigitte said...

Bob is really good at getting into people's heads and making them make a change. I loved how he and Jill were torturing ppl last season and readily admitting that they couldn't have done that workout. Mind games are his specialty!

spunkysuzi said...

Have to admit i love planks!

Joy said...

My trainer had me doing planks with her. One day I thought it would be great to do one on my own and exceed my usual 60 seconds. Well I went a little bit longer and all of a sudden I heard a pop and then I had extreme pain over my left eye. Needless to say, I did not do that again. I am very careful now! Still love them!!