Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perhaps a personal goal

Another busy day here ! With extra housekeeping activities to rid the house of any traces of our little friend , I have been hopping. Hopping, moving, scrubbing but not officially exercising . I get up at 4 am to start my day and stay flying till after dinner, where I struggle to keep my eyes open and make my back stop hurting. All this bending, shifting, scrubbing is murder on it !

A thought came to me today while I was changing the reservoir tank on the carpet shampooer. I have been really hesitant in the past to set a definite weight loss goal for myself , simply because I am working with different issues. I do not struggle with emotional eating, bad choices or so forth, but hormonal issues. It seems that these cooperate when I eat fish (something I have not been able to eat due to an allergy till recently). If I have another good loss this week ( last week was not a stellar week for exercise either and I had a very nice loss) , I am going to set my first ever personal goal- to be in One-derland by this Thanksgiving. This would be a 42 lb loss in roughly 14 weeks. That is 3 lbs per week, and possible . I would not beat myself up over it if I lost, but if I could archive it, this would be the fulfillment of a goal that has been 20 years in the making ! Perhaps with this in my sights it might tell the universe to stop tossing so many wild cards my way for a while because I have other uses for me for a while.

The thought makes me feel very optimistic !


AGirlWorthLosing said...

It sounds like your mind set is healthy so I say set the goal!! Also, I decided to ramp up the fish in my diet since I also have PCOS. Maybe it will help...look forward to seeing how this week goes for you. :-)

Roxie said...

I just found your blog tonight while surfing blogland, I'm so glad I did. I love your humor and pics of your meals.
I'm so gonna buy some of those salmon burgers!!!
I hope you get a chance to visit my blog and see what me and my sis are up to.
We're struggling to lose weight and decided to blog our journey.

Sounds like your eating habits are right on, hope you can get some exercise in here and there. Every little bit helps, I'm here to cheer you on!


Jill Knapp said...

You have a great since of humor. Keep up the good work and you will reach your goals!!