Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Forbidden fruit - no longer applies !

Take a look at the above picture- crab spaghetti . Made with a jar or marinara sauce, a package of moc crab and whole wheat capellini noodles.Simple, inexpensive and delicious. However, for the last 7 years, this has been a meal that would have thrown me into an allergic reaction, and so it was forbidden. I would make it on special occasions for the guys, taking great care to wash my hands, use separate cooking utensils and more. I would serve it to them and drool as they ate it because while I could not eat it, I still LOVED the memory of the taste of fish in just about all forms. For reasons that I do not totally understand, fish is no longer a problem for me. I do know that peri-menopause can sometimes aggravate or even create allergies because of the affects of shifting hormones in your body. I don't know for sure why my allergy has disappeared, but I say GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!! I have eaten fish 3 times since Saturday and I have had no adverse reaction, so swimmy guys, GET IN MY BELLY !!!! And the good news is that fish is naturally lower in calories, contains so many health benefits, that being able to eat this again is simply a win win situation. Life is good !

Exercise this week however has been BEYOND terrible !!! It is back to school and this year things are a little different in focus. I am not going to beat myself up about it- a week to adjust to the new rhythm so that I can get a feel for the flow is a reasonable thing. The important thing, I think, is to not stress about what is not being done and celebrate the good that is happening. No guilt, no shame, just keep swimming !

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Just keep swimming! I'm so glad that you are able to eat seafood again. I want to like seafood, but I just don't care for the taste. We are starting school on Tuesday. Hopefully the rest of the materials will come tomorrow so I can get ready over the weekend.