Sunday, May 22, 2011

You can tun a piano, but you can't beat tuna fish !

Yesterday was supposed to be a day of housework, veggie prep and cooking. Wound up being all that and an afternoon of Wii with the whole family. It was a lot of fun , and served as a reminder that we need to do this a lot more often . Like I said, when mama turns her attitude right, it becomes viral !

For dinner we had a tossed salad with tuna ( romaine, jicama,cucumbers, mushrooms, avocado, sliced almonds and tuna), and I remembered just how much I love a tossed salad with tuna ! For almost 2 years, with my weight loss/reverse infertility diet I had this for lunch daily. It seemed to be exactly what my body was craving  back then. Last night it just simply sounded wonderful, and became an occasion to break my ban on commercial salad dressings. For the last couple of months I have made our own salad dressings because it was the smarter move health wise. All of these involved either some form of dairy or a tomato product. This was done because flavored vinegars( a great dressing option ) became way too harsh on both mine and my husband's stomachs. Now with the elimination of dairy and nightshades, such a move is no longer possible. Sometimes you have to compromise to get to your goal ! Incidentally , we do not eat soy in any form but soy sauce because of the extremely harmful effects on the body. I have not experimented making dressings with Almond or Rice milk yet, so the commercial brands win for now.

Today's plan is to deep clean some areas of our bedroom . Who knows what treasures we will find ?? A fabulous brined roasted chicken is on the menu for dinner, and I have a feeling some more exer-play will find us again the afternoon.

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