Friday, January 14, 2011

Pasta, building and reads

I want to share with you something my son made for me . I was going to make another batch of sourdough pasta yesterday and I was trying to figure out how to hang it to dry. I mentioned to him my dilemma and asked if he could think of a way to dry this . When he was little I would make homemade pasta fairly often and hang it on a wooden clothes rack to dry, and then crawl under the racks, sneaking bits of raw pasta that had dried and broken off. He knew what was needed, and designed and built this.out of Knex

And I proceeded to fill it up with home made pasta !

Pretty cool, eh ?

Today I begin reading the first stack of books I scored for the nutrition self directed course. I am one of those strange people who reads several books at once, speed reads and takes lots of notes. The index cards will be flying fast and furious for the next few whiles here. What am I currently reading ?

97 Orchard by Jane Zigmond( a story of 5 different immigrant families living in a New Your City Tenament and what they ate)
Breakthrough- Suzanne Sommers ( about using food as a cure)
The Omnivore's Dilemma- Micheal Pollan
In Defense of Food- Micheal Pollan
The End of Food- Paul Roberts
The Hundred Year Lie- Randal Fitzgerald ( About nutrition, food and medicine)
The Schwarenbein Principle- Diana Schwarzenbein MD ( about reversing metabolic damage caused by dieting)
Appetite for Profit - Michelle Simond ( truth about modern food)
What are you really Eating-Amanda Ursell ( how to really read a nutritional label)

Should make for some interesting reading. I was rather surprised to learn from the 97 Orchard book how important cabbage was to all ethnic groups , and that there was a side industry of door to door cabbage shredders. When the cabbage harvest came in , they would go from door to door with a mandoline slicer type device and help the housewife shred cabbage for making home made sauerkraut, at the cost of a penny per head. Sort of a clue as to how common fermented foods were at that time to all people. I love learning facts like this !


HopeFool said...

Love the K'Nex drying rack! And I don't think you're weird for reading lots of books at once. I do it too.

Baby Stepping said...

Go Nick!
That IS very cool!


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

LOL!! Love your pasta drying rack! So creative!!

spunkysuzi said...

That's so cool :) What a great idea!
I'm just putting together my challenge post so i just wondered if you managed to do this weeks challenge?