Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just dropping in to say

Happily improving, gaining strength and experimenting more in the kitchen. Taste verdict on apple beet relish is YUM YUM YUM !!! Sauerkraut is going to wait a few more days , but it smells right. Lemon preserves are "singing " away and I have needed to release the gas by unscrewing the lid for a moment, for fear that the pressure could build and explode.

Today we are trying our hand at homemade graham crackers and sourdough noodles. The crackers were suggested by my son , after he grabbed a pack of very stale graham crackers to snack on. The noodles are the second attempt to create, as the first one molded before we could roll and cook. Soaking and "sour dough" type applications helps to reduce the carb impact in the body as well as removing the phytates, and adds a probiotic to the intestinal tract. Will blog about the results tomorrow.

Meanwhile , I am watching in amazement, once again, at the power of the right herb applied to an identified condition in the role of healing. Nature does not make mistakes, and man will never be able to replicate the intelligence within natural methods of healing. 


~ Darla ~ said...

I want to try my hand at the preserved lemons too. Di, I'm really enjoying your posts.

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

I love using natural remedies for lotion, scrubs and more! ! Just a few simple ingredients! !

Anne H said...

I am amazed at the power of nature, too!
Great insights..... you really are an inspiring cook!