Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plugging along

The school year is in full swing here and we are all swimming along with our various must do's. I really struggle with exercise these days because there is such a big chuck of time devoted to school, school prep and school records. Second big chunk goes to household must do's, and a third to my reiki work. The best I can do most days is getting up between tasks and explanation times with my son and pacing the halway to get walking in. It is better than nothing and can be done while keeping all of the balls juggling.

I have been pondering some more time saving steps as I pace. One option woulod be going back to once a month cooking. You spend one day planing, ,one day shopping and one day pepping, then the rest of the month you are free. Well, pull the meals out and cook them on the serving day. Such a task is ambitious , but combining it with weight loss efforts is even trickier. In the free moments of sanity ( when not searching down a learning aid) I have been going through my files and was reminded of The Hillbilly Housewife's site. She has a grea many money saving meals, most of which are not the healtiest, but will keep the belly off the backbone , as my grandmother would say. A while back she was diagnosed with PCOS , and had to come up with a frugal eating plan that would fit within the restrictions of her medical condition. I am going to try to implement many of her meal suggetions ( have to skip the fish because of allergies) and see if I can form a 30 meals plan around it. As to my son with his dietary needs, it seems we are finally to a point where he can handle whole grains and dairy, but foods that mold fast ( melons, cucumbers and strawberries) set him off, so much of this plan will work for him. Perhaps it might be something others are interested in trying- if so here is the link
Hillbilly housewife 1000 calorie menu

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