Saturday, August 1, 2009


There comes a time and place where you realize that it is what it is for what ever reason. For me, this is it. For more than a year I have struggled with the same 5-10 pounds and no matter what I do they will not leave. I think age and hormonal factors have as much to do with the whole process as eating and moving, and anyone who chooses not to belive so can insert a camel in their nose, attempt to breath and then arge it is not a factor.

I gained 2 lbs
Hubby ( 4 years older, MALE and not going through menopause) lost 2.2
Son (33 years younger and also NOT going through menopause) lost 5

Yes, boys suck. They do not have to go through the monthly nonsense and seem to lose weight by just giving up a soda. In an entirely female universe there would be no scales, comfy clothing that expands or shrinks with your needs and intelligent movies. There would be no slapstick or bodily humor and nothing would blow up.

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Chef Penny said...

Yes, boys suck! Sometimes I want to punch my husband when he loses weight without trying! Keep up the good work!